"By now we know what happens at the Kennedy Space Center, but the facility is also launching the dreams of several South Dakota high school students. A group left the Sioux Falls Regional Airport Thursday morning. A two-day camp is the the next stop, but the real destination is unlimited career potential."

South Dakota "Rocket Girls" Blast Off To Kennedy Space Center

"Sure, we currently have some great cyber training programs. Many have existed for years and several programs have emerged this year. Our nation will benefit from programs like the “Rocket Girl” Cyber Camp becoming more widespread. Rocket Girl Cyber Camp encourages the young ladies who attend to pursue their interests in cybersecurity and showcase different careers in the field. Also, the partnership between the National Security Agency, Dakota State University, and AT&T, sponsors of the camp, signal an understanding that this is a national crisis. They know that desired outcomes will take the collaboration of government and industry. Tech training programs like the Rocket Girl program are on the right track. It provides ongoing support to students after the camp through monthly calls, webinars, and hands-on challenges."

Not In Our Digital House

"The Kennedy Space Center in Florida is hosting the first Rocket Girls Cyber Space camp later this summer for high school junior and senior girls. Of the camp’s 16 initial participants, 14 are from South Dakota."

First Rocket Girls Camp Welcomes 14 South Dakota High Schoolers

"Our overall CyberSpace Camp mission is to help fuel the imaginations, confidence and capabilities of these ‘Rocket Girls’ as they begin to explore their own educational and career futures as leaders and pioneers in cyber and space,” said Kevin Manson, the camp’s co-founder.

2 local students part of first Rocket Girls camp in Orlando

"The CyberSpace Camp ‘Hands-Online’ and Team Activities will give “Rocket Girls opportunities to develop skills in Smartphone ‘Smart-Security’ and Forensics, Building Privacy Enclaves, Networking with CyberSecurity Mentors and Professionals, Social Network Good Citizenship Habits and Ethics, Exercises in our ‘Counter-Bullying ‘Dojo’, Basic Web Page Coding and Strong Online Researching Skills."

CyberSpace Camps - Rocket Girls

"CyberSpace Camp, sponsored with support from the National Security Agency and, is inspired by pioneering women in cyber and space like NASA scientist Katherine Johnson, who was featured in the book and movie “Hidden Figures.” The camp’s mission is to empower, motivate, educate and change the perception of women and girls in cybersecurity fields through hands-on and team activities."

Geneva's Poteete Joins CyberSpace Camp at the Kennedy Space Center

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